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We're looking for help with pilot testing new independent online thinking skills course, February 2019. "Thinking Logically for Work, School, or Life," for high school age transition to post-secondary or life-long learners. I'm offering a reference letter for participation. Structural approach to developing argumentation for academic and practical purposes. Very stream-lined, toolkit approach.

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A Little About Thinking Skills Dojo

Practice leads to ability. Ability leads to confidence. Confidence leads to peace of mind. Peace of mind leads to peace in the world.

Michael Cenkner

Is this common sense? Or uncommon sense? Either way, it's the Thinking Skills Dojo philosophy.

Logical thinking is not only challenging and therefore satisfying to learn, but also crucial in this age of "fake news" and fake everything.

To address this state of affairs, I've developed the Write Logically for School or Work, to help young people, or anyone including their teachers, to learn and apply basic logical concepts to deal with those important situations when we really need to make a clear and detailed case for something. For grown-up thinking, in other words.

Having worked in a lot of independent educational environments, including a private school, a play school, private English schools and agencies in Taiwan, as a tutor, as a music teacher, and also as a conventional teacher in K-12, and having read a lot of educational research over the years, I've come up with the Thinking Skills Dojo concept.

In the Thinking Skills Dojo School concept learning thinking skills is approached like learning martial arts skills. Like any skill, various kind of thinking (including logic but also interpersonal skills, body awareness skills, financial skills, ...) take effort, practice and feedback to learn.The place for that is the dojo.

In the dojo, learners get

  1. Instruction and modeling
  2. A safe place to practice
  3. Feedback on performance
  4. A place to demonstrate what they've learned
  5. Acknowledgment

Over time we'll move to community events where learners publicly demonstrate their skills to earn "belts." The basis for this is breaking down thinking skills into specific skills.

The first course in the dojo is Write Logically for School or Work. It's is organized to develop specific skills in making logical arguments, nothing more and nothing less. Feedback will be fair and honest, effort will be required. People will grow. That’s the promise.

The first Thinking Skills Dojo course is Writing Logically for School or Work. It has seven video modules, and template for activities for each module. . For $100 you'll also get personalized feedback on your (seven) activities.

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Michael Cenkner, MEd

Image: Wang Ming, Wikipedia