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New Book

“Make Better Arguments at Work and At School”

This book is now available on Amazon.

Maybe you’re one of those bright students who come to writing assignments feeling at a loss. You do the reading and you understand the concepts, but when the teacher gives the assignment, somehow you’re not quite sure what to do. It all seems so vague. Sound familiar?

The fact is, few of us learn to do argumentation in junior high or high school English or any other class. And even debate treats argumentation more as an elite sport than a practical skill every adult needs.

In Make Better Arguments At Work and At School, Michael Cenkner presents a solid, simple, versatile method for developing logic arguments that inform, convince, and impress.

This concise, unique book focuses on a practical tool set to develop arguments for use not only in essays but also in reports, proposals, presentations, and job applications.

-Considers not only the logical but also communicative of arguments we need to make in school or on the job.

-Packed with examples to illustrate concepts.

-Has self-test quizzes to check understanding.

-Analyzes a variety of essay formats including pro-and-con, compare-and-contrast, and arguments found in academic journal articles.

-Is priced, designed, and written to be accessible to all kinds of students.

Increase your confidence and skill in making arguments, whether that’s at school, at work, or anywhere else where you need to be understood and believed.

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