Hey, do you recognize this flow?

It's premise and conclusion. It's the essential concept about logic we didn't learn in high school!

Now, there's a course for that...

Yes! My website is now a course site! Thinking Skills Dojo is offering a course in Practical Logical Thinking.

This unique course

  • Is about you learning to think logically for yourself about practically any topic, practical focus
  • Can be done either as an individual, or in a family team of two (=older person with younger person).
  • Keeps information to a minimum (learn-by-doing approach)

How it works

  • We use a scaffold to think through a given topic. A scaffold is a special template. It has generic questions to guide you through a logical thinking process.
  • We're using practical topics such as, applying for a job. It is simple but powerful.
  • Almost anyone can do this. It's not an English course, it's a thinking course. People can do it together.
  • We are using Google Drive so you can edit the scaffold and share your ideas with others.

Getting started

  1. Take a look at the scaffold. Decide you'd like to give it a try.
  2. Email me. Tell me your current educational status, what interests you about the course, and ask any questions you may have.
  3. We will give you access to a Google Drive document. You'll have viewing rights initially on this document.
  4. We agree on the following. You won't share the scaffold digitally except as directed in the course. The ideas you generate while doing the course activities are yours to present in another format. We agree to respect your person and your ideas. We'll credit you and you credit us as appropriate.
  5. I will grant you editing rights to your own copy to work in.

Click the links. Email me to request editing access.

Barista Argument This is the first activity in the course. Modify as you need.
Apple Argument An Think about as an example. Modify as you need.

Modify as you need.


Thanks a lot, looking forward to working with you.