Do you recognize this?

It's premise and conclusion. It's the essential concept about logic we didn't learn in high school!

Now, there's a course for that...

Yes! Thinking Skills Dojo is offering a course in Logical Thinking for Work, School, and Life.

This unique course

  • Is about you learning to think logically for yourself about practically any topic including science
  • Can be done either as an individual, or in a team
  • Directly applies to writing for higher education, business, and the professions
  • Skill-based, learn-by-doing approach
  • Walks you through a process of making arguments people can understand and accept.

How it works

  • We use a scaffold to think through a given topic. A scaffold is a special template. It has generic questions to guide you through a logical thinking process.

  • We're using practical topics such as, applying for a job. It is simple but powerful.
  • Almost anyone can do this. It's not an English course, it's a thinking course. People can do it together.

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Thanks a lot, looking forward to working with you.


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