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These notes are a screen capture of the argument in A new video I will put here, INTRODUCING the idea of the scaffold. These notes are on that topic.

This project is the most exciting project since the What Does Logic Look Like video.

I would or will be using them to write an essay or in this case to make this point-making video argument. Or am I dreaming about that?

Using the scaffold I made notes for presentation to you, which are rich in logical and tangible detail, related to an argument. VIDEO COMING ASAP

Picture of notes to myself on my project in the scaffold

IDEA of the Day: "Without knowledge of premise and conclusion, no one can evaluate logic."

My Basic Content for This Course

What Logic Looks Like, the Video

My P-M-I of this video, btw

Plus This is great source material. Amazingly insightful and useful, and, a statement.

Minus A little disjointed, kinda dry. Needs collaboration. Invitation to mash it up.


Great ideas! Proud to present my own content as prerequisites to logical thinking. The video will support its own argument.

Michael's presenting the basic concepts/identifying parameters of logical argument. These logically required SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS for high school students in Alberta.

A Next step? Dramatization of Logic?

"Gas gauge is showing low," Inviting logic into our lives.

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My Course Development Portfolio. Gives an idea of my professional background (resume available upon request) https://sites.google.com/view/michael-cenkner-portfolio/home

Shared Thinking Skills Dojo Documents. Relevant stuff to share. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18S785ph5iJVSPLgncRBBy3784ms7D98y?usp=sharing

  • Analysis of Health Science Journal Articles in Terms of the T-C-I Model Shows how our model can be applied to writing for STEM (science, tech, engineering and math), 5 pages
  • T-C-I Template Example, “Cover Letter for Barista Job Application” Gives an idea of the simple and practical nature of the model.
  • T-C-I Model and Principles of Teaching Thinking Skills Shows how the model is aligns with published educational research


Michael Cenkner, MEd

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